Education Design Lab: Single Moms Success Design Challenge

"Like other new majority learner populations, single mother learners have rarely been the focus of higher education, despite their prevalence. ECMC Foundation’s investments to support single mother learners’ educational attainment target this gap, and the Lab is honored to partner with them in leading the Single Moms Success Design Challenge. The pilots resulting from our design process with four colleges pave the way for these learners to more seamlessly integrate school, family, life, and work. They aim to dramatically increase single mother learners’ degree and credential attainment rates so they and their children may have greater access to family-sustaining career opportunities and a deeper sense of selfdetermination and well-being. In this Single Moms Success Design Insights Brief, the Lab shares design insights from over two years of human-centered design work focusing on single mother learners in community colleges, highlights key learnings, and paints a picture of the pilots developed through this project. Through this we hope to inform future work at institutions and organizations beyond the Single Moms Success cohort, raise awareness of the power of creating models that focus on benefiting single mothers, and affect systems change." Continue reading here.

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