"WHY A RISING TIDE DOES NOT LIFT ALL BOATS Many economies have relied on “a rising tide to lift all boats,” believing that if we can grow the economy overall, everyone will benefit. However, we know from prior recoveries that this is not true. In a study of 41 cities that recovered from economic distress between 1980 and 2013, we found that 23 made gains on inclusion through recovery, but 18 lost ground. We found that the key to lifting all boats is an intentional focus on equity. This means addressing the structural and institutional barriers that prevent everyone from having equal opportunity. Increasing equity does not mean providing equal investments to all: it often means investing more in communities that have been historically underinvested in, particularly communities of color. Without intentional efforts to invest in equity, a rising tide is likely to only perpetuate inequity because it will maintain gaps between groups rather than shrink them." Continue reading here.

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