Study: California Community Colleges Unable to Justify Placing Students in Remedial Classes

"Almost all of California’s community colleges are still placing at least some students into remedial math classes — and none of them can justify doing so. That’s the finding of a new report published Monday by the California Acceleration Project, an organization advocating for the elimination of remedial classes in community colleges. The organization reviewed reports that were submitted by 114 of California’s 116 community colleges to the statewide chancellor’s office. Those reports examined the outcomes for students who were placed into remedial classes, which are courses that cannot be used for credit to transfer to a four-year university.

Under the law, colleges can only place students into remedial classes if they are more likely to complete a transfer-level class in a year than if they were to enroll directly in the transfer-level class. The law was adopted following research revealing that students who took remedial courses rarely completed degrees or went on to transfer from community college." Read more here.

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