"Interview Question: You said HEQCO sees potential for microcredentials to serve adult learners–do we know whether adults are interested in them?

They seem to be. In September 2020, HEQCO surveyed just over 2000 prospective students, all Canadian adults not enrolled in a postsecondary program at the time. We wanted to know what about microcredentials, if anything, appealed to them.

We found that once they understood what microcredentials are, Canadian adults were quite interested. Nearly 75% of the working-age Canadians surveyed showed interest in microcredentials for either professional development, personal development, or both. They recognized the value that quick, focused programs contributed to accomplishing their current and future goals. And 70% said upskilling and Continuing Education would be important for future-proofing their careers.

Survey respondents highlighted flexibility and affordability as appealing microcredentials’ features. Employer recognition was also important to them. Our findings aligned pretty well with American research conducted by Strada. Though we use slightly different terminology, we see similar themes of employer interest and affordability ranking highly for learners." Continue reading here.

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