NVME, CA$H Maine and Maine Equal Justice Help Families Benefit From the Child Tax Credit

Millions of American families with children have received monthly payments since July totaling $45 billion through the expansion of the Child Tax Credit (CTC). The CTC is already making a big impact for families and children, but some families are not aware that they are eligible. New Ventures Maine, CA$H Maine, and Maine Equal Justice are collaborating to make sure that those families in Maine who have not yet received the credit will get it!


Personalized help is available through local organizations that are ready to provide assistance. In Western Maine please call Western Maine CA$H: (207) 778-7954.


The navigators will help to determine eligibility and help families to sign up to receive CTC payments at GetCTC.org/MEJ. Families can use this portal until November 15, 2021.

“Our CA$H Maine Navigators are ready to help anyone in the state of Maine to get the Child Tax Credit,” said New Ventures Maine Statewide Asset Manager and CA$H Maine Program Manager Janet Smith. “We want the credit to make as much of a positive impact on families and children as possible, especially when big purchases such as home heating fuel and snow tires are coming up,” she said.

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