UMaine received a 1.7m grant to help promote diversity in the nursing program. "The four-year award by HRSA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, will address the need to increase nursing education opportunities for individuals from financially disadvantaged and underrepresented ethnic and racial minorities in Maine and, ultimately, help address the state’s shortage of nurses. A priority of the initiative, Promoting Diversity in Nursing Education, is to capitalize on the social, cultural, and ethnic resources for in-state student diversity, says Kelley Strout, director of the School of Nursing and principal investigator on the initiative that will include first-generation college students. Targeted student recruitment in Maine will help ensure that graduating nurses join and remain a part of communities where their skills are most needed, Strout says. Increasing diversity of both students and faculty in the School of Nursing will prepare graduates to meet workforce needs fully."

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