"A professor at the University of Utah, William Smith, coined the term racial battle fatigue nearly two decades ago. Smith, professor of ethnic studies and chair of his university’s Department of Education, Culture & Society, defines it as “a systemic, race-related, repetitive stress injury.” Racial battle fatigue is used widely today to describe how the persistent and subtle verbal and nonverbal acts of aggression or discrimination against Black people and other marginalized groups cause them stress, anxiety, frustration, anger and even physical symptoms.

Richard Ingersoll, professor of education and policy at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education and an expert on the teaching workforce, says research shows that while there’s been an increase in the number of teachers of color in the United States over the last 30 years, the growth has been largely driven by increases in the number of Asian American and Hispanic teachers. The number of Black teachers has not kept pace, and male teachers of color continue to have the highest quit rates, he said." Read more here

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