Teaching the "Soft Skills" in Kentucky. "Finally, we developed a rigorous certification process, in which the QA Commons, as a third party, reviews a school's academic programs to determine graduates' workplace readiness, based not only on the curriculum but also on graduates' job performance. Each program submitted a detailed portfolio of evidence around five categories for external review. The categories included proficiency in essential employability skills and engagement with employers and alumni. The pilot campuses realized a number of benefits through their participation in this initiative. Perhaps most importantly, employers and institutions developed a shared language around — and a deeper understanding of — what quality and success should look like for programs and students. This vocabulary is best summed up by what QA Commons calls Essential Employability Qualities, or EEQs. Together, these eight skills paint a picture of a hireable graduate — one who is adept at communication, problem-solving, inquiry and collaboration, and who is adaptable, principled, professional and always willing to learn.' Read more here.

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