What Could University Statements Convey in Response to Racial/Ethnic Violence?

Studying university statements and looking deeper. "University campus constituencies had similarly demanded statements after George Floyd’s death last May and university leaders, as is typical, responded with statements as a reaction to incidents of racism. An analysis of the statements put out by 130 doctoral institutions reveal that while about 78% of the institutions allude to racism, only about 31% refer to systemic or institutional racism. While 27% of these statements explicitly reference Black or African American as targets, an additional 13% mention Black and/or African American with other racial/ethnic groups such as Latinx and Asian Americans. Interestingly, although Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests were significant soon after the death of Floyd, 93% of the statements do not mention BLM. Many institutions emphasize students rather than all campus constituencies. In doing so, they overlook the importance of diverse faculty as critical for student retention and as role models for students". Read more here.

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