Shaken Confidence and Shifting Values for Aspiring Adult Learners


Research over the past year has identified shifts in confidence in education, not only about the value of education, but the ability to succeed. "Among aspiring adult learners—those aged 25 to 44 without postsecondary credentials who are considering enrolling in education—only 24% strongly agree that it would help them get a good job. And just 18% say the same about it being worth the cost. Both percentages have dropped dramatically from just a year before. At the same time, self-doubt is a major barrier to pursuing additional education, with 49% of all adults fearing they won’t be able to succeed, or that they’ve been out of school too long, or both. Second—and related to concerns about value—we’ve seen important shifts in views around the connection between education and career. Fewer than one in three aspiring adult learners are confident they understand which skills are the most valuable to develop or which career paths fit their strengths. And one in five current undergraduate students says COVID-19 has made their opportunities for career exploration much worse". Read more here

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