"The more selective colleges and universities have had a very good year in admissions, according to new data from the Common Application. Not only do they have more applicants, but they are enjoying substantial increases for minority, first-generation and low-income applicants as well. The figures come from the Common App's new data, which are through March 1. It may seem late in the year to be releasing application totals, because many colleges no longer accept applications after Jan. 15 or Feb. 1 or Feb. 15. But 617 out of the 917 four-year members of the Common App are still accepting applications this year and many will go on doing so right up until students enroll. (All of the data only compare colleges that were Common App members last year and this year.) In overall numbers, the year-over-year decline in first-generation applicants reached -1 percent. "While these trends show progress relative to prior summaries, these applicant subgroups are still following a different year-over-year trajectory than their non-first-generation (+4 percent) and non-fee waiver recipient (+3 percent) peers". Review the latest Common Application data here. What do you see happening in Maine?

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